Anthony Robbins is a world-renowned writer and speaker on the subject of leadership and self-determination. He has been honored by Accenture as one of “the Top 50 Business Intellectuals of the World.” Robbins has advised international leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, championship sports teams, elite athletes... and legendary artists. He has been a featured speaker, addressing the Harvard Business School, the British Parliament, the Gorbachev Foundation’s Cold War Forum, the President’s Summit for America’s Future, the State of the World Forum, and the World Economic Forum.
Cloé Madanes is a world-renowned systemic thinker, teacher of psychotherapy, and one of the originators of the strategic approach to family therapy. She has authored five books that are classics in the field, won several awards for distinguished contribution to psychology, lectured and given numerous keynote addresses nationally and internationally, and has counseled outstanding individuals from all walks of life, from presidents of Fortune 500 companies to senators, artists, and bestselling authors.