Experience the legendary “transformation sessions” that take place when Anthony Robbins invites individual participants on stage at a live event to resolve his or her most difficult challenges. Have you ever experienced a crisis? Blocked communication in a relationship? A tough decision? A financial disaster? Here you will find breakthrough strategies and solutions for overcoming the problems that confront us all. These live, uncut Robbins’ interventions feature a play-by-play analysis by world-renowned systemic thinker and teacher of psychotherapy, Cloé Madanes. Just watching these films once can bring about massive change. Experience and share the magic of these sessions never before seen outside of Robbins’ live events.
Ultimate Relationship Program (Earn 27.5 CE Credits)
Film Tri-Pack (Earn 9.25 CE Credits)
Love & Passion: The Ultimate Relationship Program
Negotiating Conflict: Leadership in Times Of Crisis
Reclaiming Your True Identity: The Power Of Vulnerability
Conquering Overwhelming Loss: Rediscovering A Compelling Future
Finding Your True Passion: The Power of Honesty in Action
Back from the Edge: Creating Everlasting Love
Relationship Storms: Man Enough to Stay the Course

10 Days to Transform Your Life Where it Counts Most!

How can you quickly move your clients to action
with sustainable, long-lasting results?

How can you:

  • Spark passion in a couple that has not made love in twelve months?
  • Quickly obtain the cooperation and agreement of a reluctant spouse?
  • Trigger profound reconciliation within the space of a single session?
  • Motivate couples to learn new long-term relationship habits?

Cloe Madanes and Tony Robbins are proud to present the Ultimate Relationship Program: The Professional Edition. Featuring live couples interventions by Tony Robbins and systemic play-by-play analysis by Cloe Madanes, this multimedia program is the most comprehensive video-based relationship training in existence.


  • 8 DVD films featuring live interventions with singles and couples, analyzed and narrated by Cloé Madanes
  • 9 Audio Cds, featuring interventions and direct instruction from Cloé Madanes and Tony Robbins
  • A 240-page Action Workbook featuring in-depth strategic analysis, exercises, and professional suggestions.

Use this product to:

  • Earn 27.5 Continuing Education Credits (less than $10 per credit)
  • Present DVD sessions to clients, quickly creating common goals and frame of reference. These very dramatic, moving films will captivate any client’s attention.
  • Quickly obtain couples’ agreement on priorities and goals for therapy.
  • Follow an easy-to-use system of steps and strategies for diagnosing your clients’ challenges and creating and tracking progress.

Cloe Madanes and Tony Robbins have joined forces to form the Robbins-Madanes Center of Strategic Intervention, where they combine the best of Madanes’ background as a founder of Strategic Family Therapy with Robbins’ three-decade experience as a rapid interventionist. The Robbins-Madanes Center is committed to creating ongoing support and training products for therapeutic and human service professionals.


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10 Steps to Transform Your Life Where it Counts Most!

Our newest program— Love & Passion: The Ultimate Relationship Program

What creates extraordinarily passionate and loving relationships? What are the forces that inspire the utmost excitement, joy, love and passion between two people? Love, passion, romance, and desire are powerful forces that can rip apart our world, leaving us bleeding in pain, or lift us to incredible heights, filling our hearts with ecstasy, joy, and delight. Whether you are seeking to spark more passion in your intimate life, to find the partner of your dreams, or to improve any of the relationships in your life, the ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM is designed to give you the tools and strategies to create sustainable excitement and lasting fulfillment in your relationships.

Create your ultimate relationship in just 10 Steps. You will:

  • Discover how to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be in your relationships.
  • Define what you really want at this stage of your life in your intimate and other key relationships.
  • Understand the power of polarity to ignite or reignite passion at levels you may have previously thought impossible to regain or achieve.
  • Employ a commonsense strategy for strengthening your bond and rekindling intimacy.
  • Break through your barriers as well as those of your partner using the 6 Human Needs.
  • Understand the essential 7 Master Relationship Skills and 10 Disciplines of Love and Passion continually strengthen your relationship, even during times of stress, uncertainty, and transition.
  • Uncover and condition a set of daily practices to bring out the best in you and your partner.
  • Practice the art of giving, balancing your partner's needs with your needs and outside pressures.
  • Clarify your priorities, resolve conflicts of loyalty, and rediscover your love as a couple.
  • Align with your partner to create a common bond and vision for your future.


  • 12 audio CDs teaching you a step-by-step process to transform the quality of your personal relationships.
  • A comprehensive Action Book containing strategies and assignments to help you apply the skills to your life.
  • 7 full-length DVD films chronicling real-life relationship challenges featuring the strategic interventions of Anthony Robbins and narrated by master trainer of psychotherapists, Cloé Madanes.
  • $200 in discount certificates good toward Anthony Robbins' UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN event and Master Elite or Elite Personal or Professional Coaching Programs.
  • An online Personal Profile—a $225 value.

Available in NTSC format only.
*NOTE: This version is not approved for Continuing Education Units

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Ultimate Relationship Program

Relationship Series

Robbins-Madanes Film Tri-Pack (Earn 9.25 CE Credits)

The "tri-pack" consists of the first 3 films in the Inner Strength Series from the Robbins-Madanes Center. Regularly priced $79.95 per DVD - A savings of $140 over purchasing them individually.

The Tri-Pack consists of the following films:

1. Negotiating Conflict: Leadership in Times of Crises (Live 9/11)
2. Reclaiming Your True Identity: The Power of Vulnerability
3. Conquering Overwhelming Loss: Rediscovering a Compelling Future

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Powerful! Moving! Extraordinary!            -- William Ury, Ph.D
Where were you on September 11, 2001? When you first heard the news of the devastating attack on the World Trade Center, what did you think, feel, and do? Traumatic events tend to trigger the most primal emotional patterns in people - anger, sorrow, despair, grief, vengeance, and rage - causing many to become ineffective, fearful, and unresourceful.

On September 11, 2001, Anthony Robbins was in Hawaii conducting his leadership conference for 2,000 people from 39 countries around the world. More than 50 participants found out that they had lost family members, loved ones, and entire businesses that morning. Diverse emotional responses within the entire group ranged from absolute hopelessness to celebration.

In order to bring together this group of diverse nationalities, religious beliefs, and political convictions, Robbins called upon two volunteers: a New York City Jew, who would have otherwise been in the World Trade Center that day, and a Pakistani Muslim, who identified with the extremists responsible for the attacks. Captured live in this film, the process Robbins used to resolve their conflicts not only created an environment of peace but is now being utilized to impact people around the world.

Cloé Madanes reveals how Robbins used indirect negotiation methodology to realign the entire group and transform the individuals involved. Discover how you can use the same tools to actively support, influence, and lead those around you.

A portion of the proceeds from this product will be donated to the New York Times 9/11 Neediest Cases Fund. Total running time: 113 minutes. - Includes Downloadable PDF: Practical Application Workbook, 29 pages.

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Critical Acclaim for Negotiating Conflict:

“A powerful, moving, and highly educational demonstration of the method of indirect negotiation in action on 9/11. Extraordinary!”
  - William Ury, Ph.D., Director, Global Negotiation Project, Harvard University, and co-author of Getting to Yes.

“Tony Robbins’ brilliant clinical work elucidated through Cloé Madanes’ wise clinical acumen! Revealed for the first time are powerful techniques for individuals and systems that will help change agents craft rapid, enduring effects. Experience and learn from masters.”
  - Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D. Author of Experiencing Erickson
"Witness what the power of love    can do in 90 minutes.”
Do you ever find yourself wanting to do things that usually wouldn’t be “you”? Have you ever looked with desire at accomplishments that you think might be within your reach? If you are having trouble mobilizing yourself to do things that you believe you might be capable of doing, it is most likely that there was a time in your life in which you made a key decision that has shaped the way you look at life, the way you interact with people, and the results you’re getting today.

At a large Anthony Robbins’ conference, a 68-year-old Norwegian woman raised her hand with a simple question about her husband. Robbins quickly perceived that behind her question lay an ancient decision, made in childhood, which had determined her entire adult life and crushed her intimate relationships. During their conversation, you will see her reclaiming a long-lost identity and rediscovering an emotional richness she had not experienced in decades.

If you have ever wished to go back in time to change who you are if you would like to expand your abilities, your choices, and your freedom, you will find this film extremely valuable. Cloé Madanes presents a 7-step process that will guide you to discover and reverse the decisions that may be holding you back. The film will help you to re-evaluate your past decisions, to repair any negative consequences, to empower yourself emotionally, and to make new choices that will renew your life’s potential. If there are people in your life – your family, friends, co-workers who could use guidance in making decisions, this film will teach you how to communicate wisely to bring out the best in people.
Includes Downloadable PDF: Practical Application Workbook, 30 pages.
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Critical Acclaim for Reclaiming your True Identity :

“This film powerfully demonstrates strategies to change self-limiting choices to ones of generativity, love, and possibilities. Lise's reclaiming of her vulnerability is touching, an end to decades of personal suffering. This film will be of great benefit for therapists and all those who want to facilitate change.”

- Les Blondino, Jr., LPC, LMFT, Director, Strategic Therapy Associates, Inc

“Robbins has an almost magical gift for arousing the individuality of all members of his community while paradoxically evoking an almost sacred sense of the communal. Then, through his multi-media, inspirational and therapeutically grounded methods, his groups are transformed.”

- Erving Polster, Ph.D., Author of Every Person's Life Deserves a Novel

“Vital! Robbins' artistry
     is remarkable!”
   --Michael D. Yapko,

Imagine you’ve built your business to a $24 million dollar corporation. You’ve made it financially, and you’re a source of help and inspiration to those around you. Then it all changes. A government policy kills your company. You lose not only your investments but your friends’ investments as well. Your achievements, your money, career, the admiration of friends, all gone. What would you do?

This is the true story of Jim, who lost everything and was planning to end his life. That was before he raised his hand at a conference by Anthony Robbins, who led Jim through a one-hour conversation that has turned his life around. One year later, Jim is happy, repaying his losses, and enjoying a new six-figure income as well as a newfound self-respect.

This personal transformation film captures, live, Jim’s brilliant turnaround conversation with Robbins. Featuring a play-by-play narration by world-renown family therapist Cloe Madanes, the film offers cutting-edge strategies for conquering the losses that overwhelm us: how to get out of despair, find our bearings, and create a future that will drive us forward.


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Critical Acclaim for Conquering Overwhelming Loss :

“Anthony Robbins communicates with brilliance the creative methods and tools used to engage people in personal transformation.”
  - Frank R. Kunstal, Ed.D., P.C., Licensed Psychologist, Specialist in Family Violence

“Robbins and Madanes make a dynamic team in this powerful, emotional series of interventions. They demonstrate an invaluable area of clinical understanding by dramatically showing the difference between a person who is truly and benevolently in distress, and someone who is working out their pain at the expense of others. Those who work with both adults and adolescents can see the immediate application of these principles in their practices.”

- Jerome A. Price, Director and Founder, Michigan Family Institute and Author of Power and Compassion:   Working with Difficult Adolescents and Abused Parents

Unfortunately, the story is all too common. You are so in love. Your partner is so incredible, you just can’t get enough. But slowly things change.  You start to feel that something has been lost. You try to talk about it, but your partner avoids the subject or fails to understand. You’re worlds apart, and slowly it dawns on you that the change could be permanent.  You love your partner, but the passion is gone.  Is this inevitable?  What can you do?  

This is the story of Karen, a woman who loved her husband, but who discovered that he was no longer the man that she had married. She couldn't leave him because she cared so deeply, and yet she needed something more. She was desperate.

 In a last ditch effort, she attended an Tony Robbins leadership conference, where she stood up to speak. Tony quickly recognized her pain – the loss of passion in her life. He telephoned her husband and persuaded him to immediately drive to the conference. Robbins then led the couple through a surprising process which not only brought back their passion but showed them a new clarity and a greater freedom than ever before.

If you have ever felt in your relationship that you were damned if you do, damned if you don’t, this film will help you to break your binds and rediscover the love and passion within you.

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This is a story of a very nice couple, two people who cared for each other deeply.  The problem was, they were making each other miserable, and they didn’t know why.  Sound familiar?  The fact is that often nice people, in nice relationships, are doing terrible things to each other. How does this happen?

During an Anthony Robbins conference, Paul abruptly stood up, insisting on making a change in his life. For over two years, his marriage had been lifeless. Together for thirteen years, they loved each other, but there seemed to be nothing they could do for each other anymore. He was miserable when they were together and didn’t know what to do. This problem only intensified their other challenges – money worries, tensions with extended families, raising two small children. He could no longer live this way, but what could he do,?

As Paul’s wife Jenn stood up to speak, followed by others in her family, Tony quickly perceived the pattern that was destroying their relationship. Close extended family is always important, but in this case Paul and Jen’s relationship was constricted by their other relationships within the family. By investigating the different people in Paul and Jen’s lives – the children, friends, colleagues,  and parents – Tony helped the couple understand their conflicts and to clarify their priorities. With this new clarity, the couple found new ways to give to make each other number one, and immediately their love went into a full blaze. Since then their marriage and family life has been completely transformed.

If you would like to increase the love and passion in your life, this film will change you forever. Filmed live before an audience of thousands, and narrated by world-renown therapist Cloe Madanes, this film offers step-by-step instructions on how to bring back the closeness, sharing, and love that makes a relationship last.

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What makes the difference in a relationship? How is it that some couples live emotionally juicy and passionate lives, while others live in fear, helplessness, and frustration? When some couples disagree with each other, it leadis to misunderstandings and pain. When other couples disagree, their arguments lead to lovemaking and emotional refreshment! How can this be? The truth is when you have a high level of trust in your relationship, almost anything experience will become a source of pleasure and increased depth.

In this film you will see one married couple transformed within minutes from irritation and stonewalling to trust and irresistible attraction. Samantha had been married to Daryl for 16 years, and she had had it. He was controlling, he didn’t help her raise the children, and there was no communication, just silence. Even worse, she was starting to resent her sons for imitating their father. Daryl, on the other hand, was fed up with Samantha’s behavior and had already told the children that he was leaving. Desperate, the couple went to an Anthony Robbins leadership conference, where Samantha stood up to speak with Robbins. He brought both of them onstage for an explosive interchange that neither Sam nor Daryl would have dared otherwise. Six months later, Samantha felt greater trust and respect for her husband than ever before. Come join Tony as he shares the secrets of keeping your relationship vital and dynamic.


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